Green Products
Hualian Semiconductor conscientiously implements and complies with domestic and global environmental protection policies, regulations and guidelines to formulate the company's environmental protection plans and goals. Combined with the actual situation, we establish an environmental management system based on the ISO14001:2015 management standards and relevant legal requirements. Through years of close cooperation with upstream supply chains we actively investigate product compliance and ensure that our products comply with green environmental regulations.
"Everyone is a quality person" - Hualian Semiconductor deeply cultivates a quality culture and vigorously promotes the implementation of the AEC-Q004 zero defect guiding principle by all employees to ensure the products’ quality and reliability. From the beginning of product design to the customer's usage stage, Hualian Semiconductor implements complete management, close attention, tracking and ensuring the reliability of all projects related to quality and reliability throughout the product lifecycle. The Relevant tests comply with JEDEC, AEC-Q100 and other industry standards.
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Quality Management
Hualian Semiconductor provides billions of products to various industries every year, helping people's work and life become more intelligent and colorful. Excellent and reliable product quality is the cornerstone of Hualian Semiconductor's survival.We always provide customers with stable and high-quality products no matter for commercial, industrial or demanding automotive applications. Hualian Semiconductor has a strict quality management process from Voice of Process, Voice of Customer to Voice of Business, we are committed to providing quality protection for clients at every points.
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Automotive Grade Quality Management
Hualian Semiconductor has launched the "Zero Defect" project in automotive quality management, which aims to promote the company's overall quality culture and meet the quality needs of customers at all levels within the automotive industry supply chains. Under this goal, all relevant departments of the company adopt advanced quality management tools and carry out continuous improvement plans with the goal of improving quality, to make sufficient preparations for long-term strategic cooperation with more customers in the automotive industry in the future.
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