The gate driven optocoupler is optically coupled from an aluminum gallium arsenide infrared light-emitting diode to the power output terminal of an integrated circuit.

This type of optocoupler is used in drive power IGBTs and MOSFETs, and is widely used for AC and DC brushless motor drives, industrial inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and other scenarios; Hualian provides gate drive optocouplers in SOP5, LSOP6, WLSOP6, DIP8/SMD8, WLSOP8, SOP16 packages, and the whole series have under-voltage lockout function to ensure saturation and low resistance operation of the power equipment. Wide power supply operating voltage (Vcc: 15-30V), with rail to rail output characteristics, helps to reduce switching losses of optocouplers, while reducing gate supply voltage and increasing design margin. The maximum driving current can reach 4A, and it also has extremely high common mode suppression capability.

Besides the common models, Hualian also provides intelligent IGBT gate drive optocouplers that incorporate protection features, as well as silicon carbide gate drive optocouplers with operating frequencies up to 50K~100KHz.
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封装形式 Package
欠压锁定 UVLO
输出类型 Output Type
输出端电源电压 VCC-VEE(V)
输出峰值电流 Io(A)
绝缘耐压 Isolation Voltage (VRMS)