The reliability tests of automotive grade optocouplers are more rigorous than traditional universal optocouplers to ensure higher quality and reliability. Hualian automotive grade Optocouplers have completed AEC-Q101 standard testing and certification, which meet the harsh usage environment of automotive grade.

Hualian provides a complete range of automotive-grade optocouplers such as optical MOS relays/transistors, which are widely used for I/O interfaces, feedback circuits, and BMS systems. The products are PIN to PIN replacements of the TOP brands from EU, US and Japan, covering an operating temperature of 125°C with a lifetime more than 15 years (@ attenuation ≤ 10%), and reaching the expected design failure rate of PPB level, which protects the high reliability and safety of new energy vehicles.
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类别 Type
封装形式 Package
负载电压 Load Voltage(V)
连续通态电流 Continuous Load Current(A)
导通电阻 Typ. On Resistance ( Ω )
介质耐压 Isolation Voltage (VRMS)