The Photovoltage Output optocoupler is optically coupled to a high-voltage output photodetector circuit using an aluminum gallium arsenide infrared light-emitting diode as the input stage. The photodetector circuit consists of a high-speed photodiode array and a driving circuit.

It can be widely used for gate drive of power MOSFETs or IGBTs, and provides voltage sources for electronic circuits; Hualian provides optocouplers with packages of SOP4, DIP4/SMD4, DIP6/SMD6, DIP8/SMD8, etc.

Besides the common models in the market, Hualian also provides products with integrated overcurrent detection function in the category of optical voltage output photocouplers.
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封装形式 Package
通道数 Channel
开路电压 VOC-min(V)
短路电流 Isc-Typ.(μA)
开启时间 TON-Typ.(us)
关断时间 TOFF-Typ.(us)