High speed logic gate optocoupler optically encapsulates Aluminium Gallium Arsenide infrared light-emitting diode and high-speed/ultra-high-speed logic photosensitive chip to achieve high-speed transmission of data.

They are widely used for communication interface like RS-485, CAN bus, data transmission, computer peripheral interface, alternative pulse transformer, digital isolation of A/D and D/A conversion, etc. Hualian provides high-speed optocouplers in different packages of SOP5, LSOP6P/W, SOP8, WSOP8, DIP6/SMD6, DIP8/SMD8. Its operating temperature can range from -40°C to +110°C. The products have strong capability in common mode rejection.

Besides the common models in the market, Hualian also provides ultra-long creepage optocouplers (insulation voltage ≥ 7500Vrms) and ultra-high transmission rate optocouplers (transmission rate ≥ 20Mbit/s).
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