Phototransistor output optocoupler encapsulates infrared LED chip and phototransistor chip together to achieve the electric-optical-electrical conversion. They are widely used for applications such as voltage feedback in power supplies and photoelectric interfaces in industrial equipments, Hualian offers a full range of transistor output optocouplers in different packages of 1.27SOP4, SOP4, LSOP4, DIP4/SMD4, DIP6/SMD6, WSOP8, DIP8/SMD8, and 1.27SOP16.

Besides the common models in the market, Hualian also provides high temperature working optocouplers (Ta=125℃), high voltage withstand optocouplers (V(BR)CEO≥350V), and ultra-long creepage optocouplers (insulation voltage ≥7500Vrms), which meet special optocoupler requirements for outdoor base stations, energy storage and other applications.
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输入类型 Input
封装形式 Package
通道数 Channel
击穿电压 BVCEOMin(V)
绝缘耐压 Isolation Voltage (VRMS)